Does the paint come off if it gets wet?

No you can clean your customs if needed i have a few videos on how to clean your shoes if needed.


How long does the work last?

I have many customs that i have danced in and wore daily and still look great after years as long as you take care of your shoes you should be fine, but watch out for deep scratches and scuff you can get from doors.


Do you offer discounts?

i usually have a coupon code posted for certain holidays or if your ordering 3 or more shoes of the same design.


I want a custom done that isn't on your website?

The main purpose of the website is so i don't have to keep sending invoices for the most popular customs, or new products when i release them. If you want something made just for you, a friend, or family member i do take request just email or DM and  lets make it happen.


Do you do restorations?

No! i may do them again in the future but who knows.


How much for a custom? 

Custom prices start at $140 and vary depending on what you want done.


Do you do kid shoes?

Yes. kid shoes are irritating when it comes to sizing because every brand does it differently, so i don't have a shop section for them just yet but  you can always contact me to get a pair done for your little one custom rates do start lower for kid shoes.